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Everdry Anti Static Treatment

Anti-Static Treatment is an economical treatment that works in two ways to stop static immediately and retain its anti static performance and durability for long periods.

The two mechanisms used are water pickup by the hydroscopic action and charge neutralisation and disruption by ionic charging of the surfaces or carpet fibres.

Anti Static Anti Static

Types of Fibres

Research Products Anti-Static Treatment has been formulated to work best on problem synthetic carpet fibres and vinyl surfaces as these have shown to cause the highest chance of static build-up.

Wool and wool blend carpets have also shown to have problems, usually in “static season” of low humidity. Some carpet fibres that have been treated with a stain repellent or stain blocker at the factory will not require anti-static treatment if this has been applied in the manufacturing stage. If static is found to exist on these carpets an extraction or dry clean is all that is necessary to rectify the problem.

Application for carpet

Anti-Static Treatment may be applied to dry or damp carpet by spraying with fan jet pattern. No heat curing is required for it to reach maximum effectiveness and Anti-Static Treatment starts working immediately it is applied to the fibre.


Instantly remove static electricity from carpet;
Safe on all carpets and fibres ;
Stable at wash temperatures up to 40C;
Dilutable concentrate
Economically priced